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Nordaaker Coworking

Nordaaker operates a 150m2 coworking space in Oslo, Norway. It's located at Youngstorget 4, in the city center.

What do we mean by coworking?

We're following the same philosophy as Citizen Space in San Fransico:

  • Collaboration: One of the great benefits of working in a coworking space is that you will meet all sorts of people with all sorts of knowledge.
  • Openness: We believe in transparency and openness. In a world where people are free, but ideas are not, only a few benefit. When ideas are free, everyone benefits. Therefore, we encourage open spaces and discussions. Sorry, no NDAs allowed.
  • Community: We thrive on connections and mutual support here. It is important that everyone give into as well as benefit from the strong (international) community coworking has become.
  • Sustainability: Shared spaces are also better for the planet, so we like to take that a little further and make certain our space is very environmentally responsible.

  • Accessibility: In order to be fully open, we must make the effort to be accessible to all. This means that we endeavor to create both a financially and a physically accessible space. We are committed to this principle and welcome feedback on how we can make it even more accessible.

How much does it cost?

Normal member

2300 NOK ex. mva per month. Pre-pay for three months for 6000 NOK ex mva.


250 NOK mva included, per day

Both of these include a desk and internet connectivity.


Interested in being part of the space? Contact marcus.

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