Nordaaker Coworking (Noworking)

Noworking is located at Youngstorget 3, in the city center. We currently occupy ~500m2 and have room for ~30 worker bees.

What do we mean by coworking?

We're following the same philosophy as:

Noworking is growing at a rapid pace every minute of every hour of every day, and you are welcome to see a list of our Current Noworkers.

How much does it cost?

Normal noworker

2300 NOK ex. mva. per month. Pre-pay for three months for 6000 NOK ex mva.

Drop-in noworker

150 NOK mva. included, per day pending free space.

Both of these include a desk and internet connectivity, as well as cleaning. There is also a lunch arrangement available for a extra fee.


Interested in being part of the space? Contact Vetle.


We're rebranding to Y3O from 2013. Stay tuned for a new web site and a new pricing structure.